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                          the fun of driving. Welcome to Rick Lello. Providing car lovers with classic, performance and custom cars that bring back the pleasure and fun to hit the road.Bringing back the glamour, the history, the style, the curves, the clutches, the manual transmission, the old classics, the muscle cars, the vintage, the collection, and everything that car lovers expect in an old,  classic car.
From project to fully restored antique cars, from classic to performance, from Alfa Romeo to Chevy Belair, from Triumph to Porsche, at Rick Lello you will find the fun of driving you have been waiting for.
Give a little break to your brand new all-technological two-thousand-something super modern car, and embark on a weekend ride on one of our antique, restored, and full of life classic and performance cars.
You will feel the fun of driving that your father and grand-father used to enjoy every single day. And you will find out that there is nothing in the world like a fun-to-drive car.


Rick Lello Collection 


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